Executive Search assignment successfully completed: Segment Manager for Clinical Trial Markets

Our Swiss based client is a leading partner for clinical trial and healthcare temperature monitoring solutions. Thousands of temperature-sensitive shipments are sent around the world every day. Continuous monitoring of the supply chain is essential to ensure flawless quality of medicines, vaccines and other active ingredients. Whether for refrigerators at the doctor's surgery or hospital, transportation to the most remote parts of the world or directly to the patient, our client provides the perfect solution. Their cloud based data management system combines site monitoring and shipment monitoring under one platform that enables to filter and analyse important data collected during transport and storage of valuable products.

Avon Arrow was asked to search for an experienced Segment Manager for the new and highly demanded Soft- and Hardware Solutions for Clinical Trial and Last Mile.

For additional information on this completed executive search assignment and other relevant reference search cases, please contact Roel Carati at +31 (0)20 65 99 666 or +31 (0)6 229 573 60.