Roel Carati

Roel Carati spent a large part of his childhood on the tennis court, going from tennis tournament to tennis tournament. Although he didn't quite manage to win at Wimbledon, the strong focus and the competitive drive has never faded. After grammar school in Delft, the Netherlands, he successfully finished a professional marketing qualification at the HBO in Utrecht followed by a master's degree in Organisational Sociology at the University of Amsterdam. Finally, he followed the MBA programme at Nijenrode Business University in the Netherlands. Having this background, Roel has always enjoyed being involved in organisational and HR strategies at both micro and macro levels.

After working for several years in the marketing communications business for clients in, among others, the ICT, retail, cosmetics, automotive, media, sports and contemporary arts businesses, Roel Carati became one of the directors of Apryxia in 1998. He also was a board member of the Marketing Department of Glasford International for several years.

He has specific knowledge of the following industries:

High-tech & ICT 
Retail & Consumer
Entertainment, Media & Sports
Business Services

Language skills: Dutch and English

Contact details:

[email protected]
+31 (06) 229 573 60
Skype: roel.carati
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